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Fall Sports Update, August 31, 2020  

As everyone is aware, we canceled our spring season due to concerns around Covid-19 and unfortunately, the fall is not looking much better.    

Tackle and flag football are canceled.  The league that our football teams play in, The Westchester Youth Football League (WYFBL), announced that they will not be conducting a tackle or flag season as they believe it cannot be done safely.  And while our flag program is independent of WYFBL, our football commissioners do not think we can effectively teach the game given social distancing challenges (team huddles, QB-Running back handoffs, and QB-Center exchanges, for example).  In speaking with our Cheerleading and Field Hockey leadership, they too believe that a fruitful season would be challenging - a belief the Dad’s Club board supports.  Therefore, both of these sports will not have a season.  Volleyball, which takes place indoors, is simply not an option. 

There is interest in moving some of these sports to the spring but much needs to be sorted out before a meaningful plan can be discussed. 

I want to thank our fall sports commissioners Lynda Natale, Kerry Ann Viviano, Danielle Kaley, Lisa Cascardo, Ali Mancini, Shana Weldon, and Denise Doran, for their seasoned, thoughtful insight.

We hope everyone is well.



A video message from Head Varsity Football Coach Tony Becerra

After every game, donuts and smiles tell the BRS (3rd/4th Grade) Tackle Football Story!

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It was another great boys and girls basketball camp.  Congratulations to coaches Jordon and Singletary for continuing to attract record numbers by focusing on skill development while having a ton of fun!  


These volleyball girls may be small in number but they have a large amount of fun!  The coaches are great, the kids are great....come join us.  The Middle School gym rocks on Monday evenings in the fall!